Queen South Textile Mills Limited., is always conscious about the environment as well as social welfare relating to environment pollution and green effect. The Company is always maintaining appropriate practice in discharging its waste to keep the nature free from any contamination. With this objective, the company Join CETP conducting by BEPZA under DEPZ an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), maintaining continuous tree plantation program in free areas in the factory premises and also testing from concern authority by government like as Indoor Air (Work Place Air), Stack Emission Quality Test Report for Boiler and Generator, Eminent Noise Quality Test, Temperature level quality, Environment Impact Assessment, Humidity test, Light level quality Quality Test Report. We installed 5 sets of Generators & 3 sets of Boilers to ensure our Quality Mission - Delivery Punctuality, to run the production smoothly and achieve the maximum capacity. A team of well trained technicians is assigned to operate the utilities.

Generator Facilities


Automation Storage:
To maintain sufficient of material for production, our Automatic Warehouse could be stored and managed 4 million LBS of Raw Yarn and can be free controlled computerize. 

Description: AUTO

Water Treatment:
To ensure the water is qualified for dyeing, our Water Purifying System and Water Soften System maintain sufficient supplying daily. 

Description: Watertreatment