We regard “EMPLOYEES” as our most precious assets and are willing to share company profits with our team members. We offer stages for colleagues who are capable and responsible. Here, you can pursue the job achievement and have work-life balance.

• Flexible Office Hours
• Business Trip and Accident Insurances, Group Insurance
• Cafeteria, Convenience Store
• Free Physical Examination Regularly
• Suggestion/ Complaint Box, HR Service Web
• Outdoor Relaxing Activities, Art Cultural Activities
• Staff Lounge
• On-site Healthcare Center, Healthcare Consultation

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a vital role throughout the entire company. Indeed only through coordinated efforts from across all departments' at all organizational levels; we are able to provide the best possible facilities to our workforce. Moreover, Queen South has been extremely successful in building a healthy and cooperative relationship with its employees and its communities. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the facilities which we provide:

• Medical room with available doctor and nurses.
• Dining hall and canteen wherein employees can have their lunch and snacks.
• Separated prayer rooms for men and women.
• Safe drinking water dispensers available throughout the factory premises.
• Timely payment of compensation and benefit.
• Yearly picnic for all employees as part of a team building activity.
• Female welfare officers providing consultancy and employee awareness.
• Training programs for dyeing operators, helpers and quality inspectors.
• Provident fund facility.
• Use of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) for our Dying/printing facility to avoid discharge of hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Responsibilities towards staff:

The company frequently arrange training and awareness program among the workers' by engaging medical officer for keeping them abreast on maintaining sound health, about the food habit, other seasonal disease and first aid treatment. The company keeps the sound first aid team management in factory and also provide them medicine and other emergency treatment in case of need through our trained medical officer.

Human Capital:

The quality of Human Resource is a vital factor for the success of an organization. The company believes that the excellence of employees can increase the value of the organization. The Company employed a total of 850 employees as of 30, June 2018. To get high performance from the employees the Company arrange department wise training program like as lean manufacturing to implement KPI System for each Process, 5S and Kanban (Visual) management, Work Efficiency Evaluation and Re-layout, Training System and Fluent Logistics/Storage System when necessary.

Workers Profit Participation Fund:

As per Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, amendment 2013, Chapter 15, Section 232 the company does not maintain Workers Profit Participation Fund (WPPF) for their workers as because the company operating instruction no 1 and 2 of 1989 dated 14 June 1989 & 23 August 1989 respectively in exercise powers conferred under section 3A of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority Act, 1980 (Act No. XXXVI of 1980).

Employee's Provident Fund:

As per Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, amendment 2013, Chapter 17, Section 264 the company established Provident Fund for their workers from December 2006 which certified by NBR ref. আ-৪/কঃ অঃ-৪/২০০৭-২০০৮ under income tax ordinance 1984(XXXXVI of 1984) of the first schedule part B under section 2 under sub section 1. Group Insurance:

As per Bangladesh Labour Law 2006, amendment 2013, Chapter 8, Section 99, "Compulsory Group Insurance," and Bangladesh Textile Mills Association Order Ref. No. BTMA.593.992, Dated. November 09, 2014, the company introduced Group Insurance PPA which policy no.GDI/PBD/11/2017/PPA/P/1176 and PA which policy No. GDI/PBD/11/2017/PAC/P/0049 according to the prevalent Insurance Law with BTMA nominated Insurance Company Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd . for the workers of the company.

Safety Committee:

As per Labour Law 2006, amendment 2013, Chapter 8, Section 90 (A), The Company established a strong, efficient and well trained Safety Committee by the trainer of Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense team, Dhaka. The safety committee comprising with 162 members from different departments workers and employees of Factory, and the safety committee divided into 3 teams likely Fire Protection Team 54 persons, Rescue Team 54 persons and First Aid Team 54 persons.